Nginx Reload Config on User Change

When you make a change to the nginx config via the different means, the server should be auto reloaded to apply the settings, or at-least have a module option to allow that.

Closed (works as designed)


You should see a button to reload the Nginx config on the System Information page. Also, at Webmin -> Servers -> Nginx Webserver.

But do non admins have the ability to do that?

No .. but non-admins shouldn't have the ability to edit the Nginx config outside of the Virtualmin UI (which should already automatically apply config changes).

Thats my point. I added a protected realm and it wasn't auto applied.

Which page in Virtualmin did you add the protected realm on?


The current design of the Nginx module is similar to the Apache module - because it is designed for more experienced admins, changes aren't applied automatically. This is intentional to give the admin the power to make multiple changes and then apply them all at once.

Yes but even so, if an and end user would do it, it would be a different case. Or can a non-admin not access those options?

Non-admins cannot access that page.

Status: Active ยป Closed (works as designed)