Install Scripts Cloning

It would be nice for the install scripts to have a clone ability like installatron to duplicate the application files and database at the app level, not the server level. The clone virtual sever is fine, but half the work is re-configuring the database application for the new site usually. This is highly useful for development purposes.



Do you mean that when a domain is cloned, the installed scripts should be updated to use the new clone's directory and database?

No. Installatron has an ability to press "clone" on an application and install it to any other domain at any path. It can create a DB automatically or you can provide that info. It then updates the application config including DB if needed. Example for wordpress is home and siteurl in wp_options.

This is useful to make quick development sites.

However your idea is also one that could prove useful as an option for clone server.

Oh, I see - so all the Wordpress settings and content are cloned into a new domain? Virtualmin doesn't support this currently, but in theory it could be implemented.

OK, I'll look into how possible this is to implement. One catch is that this would require changing the script's internal state when cloning, which requires internal knowledge of apps like Wordpress that may not remain stable across versions.

Use other script installers, and see how they do things and store meta-data if needed. Having your own installatron-like system with the features they offer would give a lot more value to virtualmin IMHO.