Account Plans: Add Copy Compare Move Site options

Virtualmin Theme version: 6.7
Virtualmin version: 3.66
Operating system: CentOS Linux 5.2
Enhancement Request for "edit_newplan.cgi" (Account Plans)

- Add "Clone/Copy existing plan" when creating a new plan
- Able to create plan from an existing site configuration
- Able to compare plans. Would prefer a table, so that I could compare many plans at once (plan name across top)

- Able to save plan changes without applying changes to existing sites. Right now, it applies changes, so I had to go through a lot of sites checking each one, since it applied reduced ("default") limits to every site.
- Able to Move site between plans

- Enhance help to show:
- How can I assign a site to a plan?
- Consequences of save plan (will change existing sites!)

Closed (fixed)