Account Plans - New Virtual servers

I can't get account plans to work for new virtual servers. Not much doc, but, my reading was they were a way to easily make different "hosting plans". So,the first section where you can specify quotas is ignored if you don't change the value in the create virtual server screen. i.e., say your default plan is "basic plan". So, on the create form, it shows "basic plan". Well, the quota values are NOT from the "basic plan". In fact, I can't tell where they came from. I don't have the original plan as i deleted it and made my own.

If I change on the create virtual server screen "basic plan" to "advanced plan" and then back, the quotas DO reflect the settings.

Second problem - on the account plans screen, there is a section for "allowed virtual server features". Ok, so, I have 4 plans, all of which have different features. Rather than create 4 server templates, I thought the idea here was the template stays the same, this overrides or somehow supplements it. Clicking on the help link says that when you use "selected below" radio button, and I do for each of the 4 plans, that I am granting the server owner access to additional features by default.

Well, here's the thing. My "basic plan" is very basic, and for example, includes no databases. So, in the features and plugins screen, default is off for say MySQL as an example. So, for the basic plan, it is also off. For the "advanced plan", I want it on so I specified that on the account plan screen. Well, it does NOT add this capability like the help says.

So, I see no current way to have different features for different plans or even different templates (the old way). It appears broken to me.

I don't know about that last account plan section, "allowed capabilities", as I never got that far. I can't create virtual servers with the features I want in this new version.

Closed (fixed)