UI bug when using Nginx rather than Apache

With nginx installed instead of Apache, when you go to Server Config > PHP Options you get:

Website options cannot be edited, as no Apache virtual host for erus.co.uk port 80 was found!

This is with latest webmin and virtualmin (5.0)



Are you using the Virtualmin Nginx plugin, and do you have it enabled on the System Settings -> Features and Plugins page?

Are you using Virtualmin's Nginx plugin on that system?

Yep, just double checked and I have both nginx and nginx-ssl enabled.

Nginx version shows at 1.8 and nginx-so as version 1.4.

Clicking on "proxy paths" also produces an "Error - File not found"

This is with the latest authentic theme if it helps.

Is this a Virtualmin Pro or GPL system? Because the proxy paths feature doesn't exist in the GPL release (although in that case, the link to it shouldn't appear either).

It's Virtualmin Pro

I'm not sure what is happening here, sorry. I just tested with a completely updated system running the latest version of Virtualmin and the Nginx plugin, and could not re-produce this issue.