Disk and raid health on system information page

This is actually two feature requests, due to a server of mine where one disk in a RAID failed.

1) If a RAID fails could this be indicated in big red fonts on the System Information page? I know the RAID status can shown via /proc/mdstat or a Webmin option, but I would like to have a failing RAID error right in my face. I just found out by accident that the server was dying. Receiving an email of the failure would be an extra bonus.

2) Also found out that if I install smartmontools, the disk temp and more importantly errors are shown on the System Information page. Great thanks. Problem is I just found this out after my server crisis. Is it an idea to install smartmontools via the virtualmin install script? Or have a "Want to see disk health, virtualmin can install this for you" option?



For question 1, the next Webmin release will allow you to display the status of any monitors defined in the System and Server Status module on the system information page, which includes RAID health.

For question 2, I suppose we could do this if smartmontools is included with all Debian / Ubuntu versions?