Softaculous PHP install

Hello there,

Need some help with the install of Softaculous.. i am trying the PHP version
Could someone help me, as to what i need to put in the place of PHP path.. to make this install happen.

Thanks, Rohit

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Howdy -- I'm unfortunately not familiar with installing or configuring Softaculous.

However, I can help pinpoint where PHP is located -- in Ubuntu, that is generally located here:


Let us know if that does the trick!

Thanks, it tried to go ahead when i entered the path u gave.. but then nothing happened. Quick annoying.. but thanks for your input.


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You may want to ask the Softaculous folks, as we're not familiar with their software or what exactly it's looking for.

We can offer though that "/usr/bin/php" is the default path to PHP.

Also, you could look in the logs for any clues, it's possible that Softaculous is generating an error in the logs somewhere that could help pinpoint what the issue is.

masterg0g0, Softaculous depends on the cpanel control panel. It may support others but I know virtualmin is not supported. The only 3rd party script installer to support virtualmin is installatron. Besides that, virtualmin has their own scripts system. Granted its not as feature complete as the 3rd party options.

As softaculous has a php install version, i am trying to get that working on the virtualmin. technically it should work.. especially with the ioncube package install able script available now. lets see i keep trying.

What do you mean "php install version". softaculous was made for cpanel and is written in php.

You may want to give the guys at Softaculous a shout.

They may be able to offer some input on why that isn't working in your case.

Softaculous does work on a variety of different control panels, though they don't have official Virtualmin support at the moment. We've heard rumors of a beta version with Virtualmin support. But they may be able to offer what it is you need to do in order to get that functionality working.


I am from the Softaculous team.

At the moment Softaculous does not support Virtualmin hence installing Softaculous on Virtualmin would not work. We would not recommend that.

Having said that we will try to contact Virtualmin team and try to work with them to integrate Softaculous with Virtualmin.

When softaculous works on XAMP, why on a virtualmin.. you just to communicate to virtualmin team what you need from them to make it work.. if you post here, i am sure they will notice .. can you expedite this, i have a license of softaculous from 2 yrs and i want to use it here.. or may be even buy one more :)


I have sent an email to the Virtualmin team today and will await their response.

Yes, we have provided the information on our API, and got in-principle agreement to port their installer. But I haven't heard back recently.

They tell me they are waiting for yourselves, anyway i am tired of follows up with them..

Hi Jamie,

I sent you followup emails but did not hear back. Maybe you did not receive my replies.

I have just sent you an email, let me know if you did not receive it yet.