Chage Shared IP address


My server admin changed the IP, because they migrated the server to a new provider. Now I can login into Webmin by my ip:10000.

After that the site is not working. Then after a small google search, I have changed my domain Hostmane setting for nameserver ( on Godaddy ) and have changed the IPs on BIND DNS Server ( Edit Master Zone ) page on Virtualmin.

But I still cant edit the IP which is on the page " Virtual Server Details" .

well, anyhow, can you please help me to do the necessary settings to get my site back? Its a WordPress site so I am using sql also.

My Virtualmin version: 4.14.gpl

Thank You



Howdy -- you can go into System Settings -> Change IP Addresses, and there, you can mass-change all the IP addresses setup on your server.

If you had any followup questions, since you're using Virtualmin GPL there, you'd actually want to use the Forums for support. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!

Thanks for your kind reply. but I couldnt find it - System Settings -> Change IP Addresses,

Can you please attach any screen shots?

Can I move this question to forum?


Sorry that option is actually in Addresses and Networking.

It's unfortunately not possible to move a request, but you can always start a new thread there if you have any additional questions.