Upgrade PHP 5.3.3 to 5.3.7

Hello, i have a last version of virtualmin pro 4.18 in CentOS Linux 5.11 and i need upgrade Roundcube and say me that i need to upgrade to my php 5.3.3 to 5.3.7

What is the easy way to upgrade my php ???

thank you



Howdy -- for admins using 64 bit CentOS 6 and above, there is a special repository called "SCL" which CentOS provides, that includes additional PHP versions.

That repository isn't available on CentOS 5 though.

Unfortunately, that means that there isn't a supported way to upgrade PHP when using CentOS 5.

Our recommendation would be to migrate to a newer distribution.

I know that's not simple, but there really aren't reliable methods for upgrading PHP on CentOS 5. The third party repositories providing PHP are very often known for causing unusual problems. Sorry!

Thanks Andrey Well i planned in a few months migrate to a new server The last time i study this option Centos7 its not supported, do you have any recomendation to migrate to a new server? ??

Thanks andrey good news Centos7 has Grade A supported distro and... what is the recommended option to migrate my old Centos5 to a new server... backup and restore through Virtualmin ???

Andrey i am working now in migrate to a Centos 7 and .. surprise !!! i have update all but i have only php 5.4.6 version and phpmyadmin need php 5.5

How can i update php ??? :-(