Install Script dolibarr - after upgrade wrong path


Well, I'm not sure if it's on Virtualmin side or dolibarr.... but after upgrading to a newer version automagically in Virtualmins install script upgrade, I got my dolibarr link redirecting to /install/index.php I cannot reach anymore the dolibarrs pages even with changing to known url like /index.php?mainmenu=home

I get always 404 Not found site

Not Found

The requested URL /biz/install/index.php was not found on this server.

Thanks for advice or help.

cheers sto



Did you upgrade an existing Dolibarr install, or do a new install of it?

Hi I did an upgrade.

Well first of all, I installed it some time ago new with the install script then migrated the existing data within dolibarr.

after some time I suppose just upgraded via Install Script but have not used it since, and yesterday I needed to check something and did't get so far.

It seems as the upgrade somehow changed to use the install folder (but there isn't).

cheers sto

Hi Jamie

I solved the problem with a workaround (well a new install).. by copying documents folder and db dump and importing it to the new installation...

I assume that an upgrade of dolibarr needs to let upgrade the db which is only available if the install folder is still available... but on my older installation it was not.

maybe this info is helpful.

have a nice day.

cheers sto

Ps. have another problem with installing owncloud, because no db is generated and used, have to put the info on the screen where to chose the admin credentials... but have no time to check further at moment.