php.ini not working !


I need for a customer to modify php settings by default ! So I edited his ~home/virtual/etc/php.ini to add that line:

max_input_vars = 10000

and then restarted Apache but still not working :(

Missed something ?





Howdy -- which PHP execution mode is this particular user using?

You can determine that by looking in Server Configuration -> Website Options.

It's running as fcgid (in fact default setting of Virtualmin, I changed nothing into that !)

Okay, could you make a file named "test.php" in the public_html folder of this domain, and in it, put the following contents:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then, could you share the resulting URL with us? We'd like to see some details about the PHP setup there, and the URL pointing to that script would help us with that. Thanks!

Okay, that output shows that it is indeed using this php.ini file:


So it should be possible to set max_input_vars in that file.

If that's not working, that likely means that there's another variable set somewhere that's overriding that new one.

You may want to make sure there isn't another one in "/home/magasin/etc/php5/php.ini". But you may want to review the .ini files located in "/etc/php5/cgi/conf.d", and verify none of those files are overriding your setting.

Hi I'm having the same issue on Ubuntu 14.04.1 running FastCGI too.

I've set the individual Virtual Servers php.ini files but for some reason they still use and read from the main /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini file instead...

Thanks for any help.