mbox for domain with site-alias


I have a site "haring.nl" without mbox-es and now I need dedicated mbox for another domain, e.g. "paling.com", that shares the website content with"haring.nl".

How would I configure this setup?

Regards, Adrie



Howdy -- if you go into Create Virtual Server, one of the options there is "Alias of domain.tld, with own email".

That particular option will setup a new domain as an alias, but one that also contains it's own email accounts.

Will that do what you're after?

Hi Andrey,

Thanks. So does this mean that by default an alias virtual server gets the same users as the regular virtsvr and in case I choose with own email I can choose different usernames, right?

Yup, that's correct!

Or, worded a slightly different way -- by default, an alias forwards all email to it's parent domain.

And then yes, as you said, the "Alias with Own Email" option does not forward email to the parent, it instead allows you to create new email users.