apache suexec issues after upgrade

Somehow in our upgrade from ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 lts suexec stopped working and needed to change all configuration to this.

Can you suggest how this happened and how to correct it?

SuexecUserGroup "#1061" "#1028"

RMode config RUidGid "#1061" "#1028"

also needed to remove + or - from any options.



Howdy -- what problem is it that you're seeing exactly?

One of the things mentioned in the Ubuntu upgrade documentation here is that the suexec module often does need to be re-enabled:


That can be done with this command:

a2enmod suexec

If you try running that, and then restarting Apache, does that resolve the issue you're seeing?

You've forced me to revaluate our setup

we had done all in that page. however, somehow the ruid2 mod was enabled.

by removing it the suexec stuff worked.

please close this ticket.

Ah, that is a good find!

I didn't know the ruid2 module could cause that problem. That is very good to know!

We'll be able to help anyone else who runs into that problem now, but I may even update the documentation to ensure that this particular module is disabled.

We're glad you figured that out, thanks for letting us know what caused that problem!