REQUEST: Able to see ALL sites PHP version

Virtualmin Theme version: 6.6
Virtualmin version: 3.65
Operating system: CentOS Linux 5.2
I would like a page that can do the following:

- List all the sites with their PHP version(s). This could be a collapsed tree view, showing the site default, and expand to show specific directory override values.
- Able to click on a site and go to the PHP configuration page for tha site, where one can change the default or change subdirectory PHP versions
- Able to do a __batch__ update of all selected sites.
- Able to set selected sites to a selected default (for me PHP5)
- Able to sort the page on
* site name
* php version + site name
- Able to allow/disallow resellers from
* Viewing
* Changing (might want to allow viewing but not changing)
- All actions would log in the Webmin Log files, of course.

The above isn't a demand, of course, just an attempt to make an outline of what I was thinking so that you could evaluate it.

Although I only have a 50 site license, it is already error prone to find sites that are incorrect. I can't imagine doing this manually if I had a 250+ site license, for example.

When I imported sites from a previous server, for example, they imported as PHP4 sites. While that is OK, I wasn't aware of it at the time, since I installed PHP4 in the middle of the migration, and the sites before PHP4 installation had automatically become "PHP5 Sites".

Closed (fixed)