size of incremental backups

Hello, We are a licensed user of virtualmin pro. I run full backup on Sunday night and incremental on all other nights.

I am pretty sure we don't have daily changes to the tune of 5 Gb etc. Given that how come the incremental backups are 5 Gb size and above? Any thoughts?

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Howdy -- are your full backups completing successfully, without errors? If there is an error that's causing them to have a failed state, that could potentially cause what you're describing.

You can see the backup logs, and whether they've completed successfully, in Backup and Restore -> Backup Logs.

hi Andrey, thanks for advising. full backups are running fine. they are 78 Gb in size. partial is about 5 - 10 Gb.

One thing is that i had selected "all features". i have made one change. i have unselected "logs" after selecting all the other options. i wonder if logs are huge.

thanks |/

Yes, the logs could definitely be affecting that.

Also, note that you get a full MySQL backup even for the incrementals, as the incremental only refers to files on the file system.

If you have large databases, that could be contributing to the backup sizes as well.

I think it is the large mysql. Thanks for confirming |/