Change user shells via the command line

Hallo Virtualmin Folk!

Is there a way you know of, or can easily provide for, changing user shells on the command line?

Not just site users, but resellers as well. The reason we ask is that, while we'd like to be able to deprovision accounts, we can't just delete our resellers -- they may have documents/content/whatnot uniquely useful for university business, and it would be useful to be able to 'noshell' the accounts to prevent shell access while keeping their directories intact.

Thanks, ~james

ITS Systems, UT Austin



You can do this for domain owners with a command like :

virtualmin modify-limits --domain --shell /sbin/nlogin

there's no similar command for resellers though - however, you can lock a reseller from being able to login with :

virtualmin modify-reseller --name whoever --lock