iptables on slave Virtualmin/Webmin install falis

I am pretty well at my wits end here. First I cannot grant you login permissions as due to this issue I have dumped all active containers and erased all the DNS info and isolated the system.

OK, what I am running - each of these are in their own OpenVZ containers. OS- All CentOS 6.7 systems withe the virtual containers running the modified OpenVZ kernel.

1) Cloudmin Licensed as host system. 2) Virtualmin/Webmin for hosting websites, but no virtual servers exist due to this broken ipatbles issue. 3) Identical to above, but no hosting but as a DNS slave system.

So I have had all manner of erratic issues with using Networking>Linux Firewall> (iptables module) After goofing around for a day, comparing all of the files, this is where things stand. The cloudmin system works properly when reset, changed to the last option (template made to get you started with WM/VM or CM.) After fusing around getting errors like below, I clustered all of the systems' firewalls and the result is, A) Cloudmin fine, loads and applies rules. B) Webserving install #1 (helium001.xxx.com is Correction is is broken just like the next Web/Virtualmin install. C) This system (helium002.xxx.com) is unable to start (load) any rules and gives me the nonstop failed at a COMMIT line crap. I have checked all associated files and none of them are any different. Can you point me in any direction here? I need to get past this as I have DNS to work out for these three systems before I can start serving and it too has been buggy and odd. I never had these issues on the last incantation of VPS's, but now with my own dedicated system here, things seem entirely different. Error I receive on apply to machine #3.:

Failed to apply configuration : Error from helium002.userveit.com :

iptables: Setting chains to policy ACCEPT: mangle filter [  OK  ]
iptables: Flushing firewall rules: [  OK  ]
iptables: Unloading modules: [  OK  ]
iptables: Applying firewall rules: iptables-restore: line 52 failed

PS, I lied, the faulty virtual machines' - Webmin/Virtualmin under closer inspection, both installs fail with the same error as above at a COMMIT line. I have tried about everything now I can think of in the last several days. I really did not want to have to write a script in order to do this as things are known to go wrong that way. (I.E. as easy to mess up that as anything else...)



Howdy -- just to clarify, where are you getting these iptables rules from?

It looks like there may be some sort of syntax error with the rules list you have there.

You'd want to review /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure to see if it shows more details... but you may also want to take a look at the line in particular that it's showing that has a problem.

In the case above, that would be line 52.