How to verify installation

I am trying to install Virtualmin Virtual servers. How to confirm the installation? Cannot go to



Howdy -- sorry that you're having problems installing Virtualmin!

It normally would be available on port 10000 using the IP address of your server.

What is the output of this command on your server:

netstat -an | grep :10000

That will show if anything is listening on that port.

Also, this command will show the last 50 lines of the installation log:

tail -50 /root/virtualmin-install.log

tcp 0 0* LISTEN tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED udp 0 0*

How to do clean uninstall and start again?

It does look like Virtualmin is running on your server there.

It appears to be listening on the IP address "".

Can you access it on that particular IP address?

Using the following URL, I was able to see your login screen:

This is showing our existing one.

INFO - 2015-11-09 16:15:52 - Checking for fully qualified hostname... INFO - 2015-11-09 16:15:52 - Hostname localhost is not fully qualified. INFO - 2015-11-09 16:17:38 - Hostname OK: fully qualified as INFO - 2015-11-09 16:17:38 - Primary address detected as INFO - 2015-11-09 16:17:38 - Entry for IP exists in /etc/hosts. INFO - 2015-11-09 16:17:38 - Updating with new hostname.

I cannot see which I created. Today we purchased a virutalmin and trying to create a new server.

Hmm, I may be a little confused.

The commands you're running above -- are those being run on the server you just installed Virtualmin onto?

According to the commands you showed above, Virtualmin is installed and listening on the IP address "".

Is the the IP address of the new server you're trying to setup though?