AWstat issue: geoip plugin is not working

Go to Virtualmin -> Log and Reports -> AWstats Configuration.

Click on Enable plugins and select geoip. "Save and Regenerate" (because Save is redirecting you to other page - mentioned in other issue recently). Even geoip appears in AWstats report page see is loaded (at the bottom) there are no geoip information on the page. Deselect this plugin in the same page, save and regenerate. AWstats report page have the same content. Selecting/Deselecting this plugin doesn't have any effect.

GeoIP is an important part in AWstats. Could you please check functionality for geoip plugin (the free one)? Do we have to do some changes in code or settings to make this working?

PS - please note in other issues reported that you have to include a perl library for making plugins working. This must be included in AWstats or Virtualmin installations. Up to your decision.



If you enable the geoip plugin and then re-generate the report, does it succeed or display any error message?

In my tests, the geoip support required that the commercial GeoIP database be available somewhere on the system. However, the geoipfree plugin worked perfectly once enabled.

I agree geoipfree is working great. But having only geoip selected there is no report generated. In my opinion the description for this plugin is wrong and creates confusion:

"GeoIp Maxmind AWStats plugin This plugin allow you to get country report with countries detected from a Geographical database (GeoIP internal database) instead of domain hostname suffix. Need the country database from Maxmind (free)."

Do you see the word "free"? This plugin is referring a commercial product.

The description comes from the plugin itself though, not Virtualmin.

I think one thing we could improve is to require the user to enter the path to the GeoIP database, which they would need to download separately (or maybe Virtualmin could do it). That would ensure that it actually works.

It was an unexpected situation to me activating that geoip plugin based on word "free" (I already have the free edition installed). When you Save or Regenerate you get errors, blank pages. You can warn the admin when selecting commercial plugins, you can color with red commercial plugins. In my case I could find what was going wrong, but for others it could be a problem and pulling some hair out of the head.

On the other hand "geoipfree" selected works as expected providing country information.

Sure, I'll add a warning about the geoIP plugin.