Additional user with root privileges on servers

I've taken on a new hosting client with some requirements that haven't really come up before and I'm looking for some advice.

It's a fairly big government agency and they have several VPS systems under Cloudmin, though they're likely not to really play much with the systems through the Cloudmin interface, but more through the various Virtualmin systems.

A lot of the function of the VPS's is being managed through Cloudmin by us - particularly some domain replication, backups, etc. so we'd really like to keep the passwords for root on the different servers and split out a separate user name on each of the servers with root-like privs under Virtualmin.

I can think of a number of ways to manage this, but I'm not real happy with any of them and was wondering what you'd suggest in this case?

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Howdy -- if you like, you could always create a new system user on your various servers. Then, give that user "sudo" privileges.

Any user who can use "sudo" will also be given Master Admin access within Virtualmin.

Would that do what you're after?

That more or less sounds right ---- Let me try that out and see if it's really what I'm after. Thanks for the quick reply - that was one of the things I was thinking of. At first I though just "extra admins" but that's more or less per domain, which is not what I want.

Took me a little while to figure out how to do that, but yes, this looks like a good solution.