Two websites show as the default website for IP address

This is strange, but two of the websites show as default for the IP when going to "Website Options" and checking the "Default website for IP address?" option. Selecting any other website and setting it as the default releases one of the two websites, but the other always stays the default.



That could happen if each site is on it's own IP address?

That was the exact case. But this particular server was give only one IP and customer changed one of his website's IP manually. Will a guest system be locked to certain IP if I go to Cloudmin and change from "Automatic" to "Use address" in Edit System window for this guest?

Nevermind this as I've found the "Only listed addresses" setting in "Resource Limits".

I have another question though. How can I configure Cloudmin so that it sets to "Only listed addresses" by default to prevent users from playing with IP addresses?

You can set the default for new VMs in Cloudmin at System Settings -> Cloudmin Configuration -> KVM Settings, via the "Block spoofed IPs and MACs by default?" option.