bind running but not being detected

I am running 2 virtualmin servers and I noticed recently that bind is shown as not running. Clicking to start it fails. I checked manually and bind is running and responding on nslookups on both servers. Furthermore cat /var/run/named/ shows the same pid as ps -A | grep named.

In Bind settings Default PID file location(s) is set to /var/run/named/ /var/run/ /var/run/bind/run/named/ so it includes the correct one which is the first.

I am running latest webmin 1.770 and virtualmin 4.18

Before 3-4 months I have upgraded to Debian Jessie. The detection problem might have started then or not, I can't say for sure, it's been a while since I checked the virtualmin interface.



I think I found something. The 1st of my servers was just updated today to webmin 1.770 while the other was still running 1.760

Bind is running under chroot and I saw an option PID file is under chroot directory? set to Yes.

I changed it to No. That might be a new option in webmin/virtualmin and its default value was different from my configuration.

On webmin 1.770 in configuration page it seems running is detected (right links change to apply configuration and stop bind) but on virtualmin status remains not running, even after logout / and re-login.

On virtualmin (webmin 1.760) status and configuration page are ok.

The bind status problem on webmin 1.770 is ok now. I don't know how but it seems that refreshing after some time (10 min+) showed the correct status.

This is strange since because even logging out and re-login did not fix it previously.

Anyway all seems ok now.

Howdy -- the component that checks for running services checks periodically -- so it's possible it took a few minutes for it to detect changes.

I'm glad it's working now though!