logical issue when sites mail is hosted somewhere else.

When there is no mail feature enabled on the Virtual Server Created, one should be able to add a mailaddress in the same domain as the Virtual Server being created.

At the moment it generates an error message.

kind regards

Mike Burgener



Howdy -- sorry, I'm not sure I understand what it is you're looking to add in this case.

Could you share an example of what you're trying to add, and what error you receive?

ok, lets try again :D

domain 1 Web is Hosted by Virtualmin

domain 1 Mail is hosted on another server (not Virtualmin)

creating domain1 web on Virtualmin make it impossible to define a Virtualmin Virtualservers Emailadress in the same domain1 as it gives back an error message that mail is not enabled for the domain1 on this server which of course is irrelevant as mail is available (although on another server) for domain1