Changing quota for a Virtual Server

In my opinion when changing quotas for server or administrator, Virtualmin should evaluate if quota for administrator is less then virtual server quota. If it is a warning must be display.

I played in the past with quotas and I forgot to post this issue. Well I set up one for server (1GB) and one for administrator (1GB). After a while I got a warning I got some trouble with quotas. It was right because administrator's quota was becoming less than server. I increased administrator's quotas.

  • What is actually total server quota? As I understood it is the maximum space on disk used by that virtual server.
  • What is actually administrator's quota? As I understood it is the maximum space on disk used by administrator's account (which is /home/admin)

Conclusion: Server quota <= Administrator's quota.

  • What if I set up administrator's quota in Virtualmin interface less than server quota? Virtualmin shows any warnings?

  • An administrator can manage more than one virtual server or is it forbidden? (conflict in /home/admin organization)

Thank you.



Actually it is expected that the admin's quota can be less than the domain's quota - for example if you want to reserve some quota for mailbox users. In fact, Virtualmin prevents them from being inverted in the other direction.

I appreciate for your reply.

Can I setup admin's quota to 100 MB and server quota to 60GB? Or the best way is keeping the same values equal?

Sure, you could do either of those options.

There isn't a "best" way, it just depends on your needs. The first way you mentioned prevents the admin from being able to use up the entire quota. If you're not concerned about that you can just set them to the same thing.