doesn't detect php55

Hi I have installed

1. Install the Software Collections tools:

yum install scl-utils

2. Download a package with repository for your system. (See the Yum Repositories section below. You can use wget URL.) 3. Install the repo package:

yum install rhscl-php55-*.noarch.rpm

4. Install the collection:

yum install php55

5. Start using software collections:

scl enable php55 bash

on my centos server. I have run System-Settings , Re-Check Configuration and only php 5.4.16

is found. So I did a new installation of centos 7 in a vm, installed virtualmin pro and then followed the above steps to install php55. Virtualmin detected the extra php version as expected. Do you have any idea what is going wrong with my server? I need php55. I set this server up some months ago and moved from a Centos 6 installation using Might there be some crud brought over from the Centos 6 server? What files should I check?





Please ignore this. It is working perfectly now. Go figure!

Howdy -- we're glad to hear it's working now!

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.