Zero length SSL certificate and key after server transfer or backup/restore


I've just transferred a server between Virtualmin Pro Instances, and was surprised to find that after the transfer the Virtualmin UI reported a self-signed SSL cert (actual cert is Comodo). On trying to view the cert and key in the UI, I got "file not found" errors. On checking the filesystem, the files were there, but zero length. I next tried a manual backuo to the target server, and a manual restore, with the same result. Finally, I manually extracted the file, and reset ownership as required, and all was well.

Not sure if I have done something wrong, or if this is a bug that needs reporting, but thought I should post the problem report, if only to help anyone else who hits this issue.





Howdy -- hmm, did either system run out of space at any point?

And were there any errors or warnings during the backup or restore process?

Hi Andreychek,

Ahah, well, not disk space - but quota - that plan has less quota on the target, so will re-run and see if that makes a difference. Seems odd that only those two (tiny!) files would be affected. It was 10Gb of server into 1Gb of quota, and the bulk of it seems to have transferred as expected.

No error messages during the transfer or backup/restore versions of the process.

I'll fix the quotas so they match at each end, re-try and report back.

(This was a dry run, so will need to do this at least 2 x more before doing the live version)

P.S. Other difference is that source is Ubuntu 12.04, target is 14.04.