Disable IPv6 for all services

I am gonna disable IPv6 for a server. netstat command is still showing a lots of services continuing listening on ipv6. From your experience what services I have to edit their configuration files in order to have a complete IPv6 disabling?

I identified till now:

apache2 ssh dovecot bind postfix



Howdy -- well, if any Virtual Servers in Virtualmin were given an IPv6 IP, you want to remove that IP.

Other than that -- services usually listen on an interface simply because it's there.

After disabling an IPv6 interface, you may want to reboot.

But after that I believe it will just work.

I don't use IPv6 on most of my servers, and didn't have to disable or change anything for that to work.

If you had any followup questions -- since it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there, you'd actually want to ask those in the Forums.

We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!

My ISP provided me an IPv4 address only. I am using Debian and it is easy to disable IPv6 from GRUB and change listen ports to IPv4 to all services, plus /etc/hosts.

As I understand you setup a static IPv4 for your webserver but you left all configurations by default (listen services on tcp6/updp). There is no problem to monitor connection in the future on tcp6/udp6. I found a solution using ip6tables DROPPING all filter chains.