ProFTPd configuration template

When I run "Check Configuration" I get "An error was found in the ProFTPd configuration template : Unix group nogroup in Group directive does not exist. This must be fixed by editing the Default Settings on the Server Templates page." I have compared both servers, Ubuntu doesn't have this issue but CentOS does. And the setup on both appears the same.

Output of rpm -qa | grep proftp below


Thanks for the help.



Howdy -- that's an unusual error you're seeing there, I hadn't run into that before.

It looks like you have a good ProFTPd version there.

Could you attach your /etc/group file to this request (you may have to give it a .txt extension)? Or you could always copy and paste it in if you prefer.

Also, are you using anything unusual for authentication, such as LDAP?


Not sure if this is what you are after but it's attached as a text file. I forgot to mention that the websites were restored to this machine yesterday. I still have the old machine running, did you want the same output from it?


Okay, try going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> ProFTP Virtual FTP, and there in the textbox, should be a line that looks like this:

Group nogroup

Try changing that line to read as follows:

Group nobody

Once you do that, does the Re-Check Config work properly?

Worked thank you. Have a couple more issues which I will put in another ticket.

This is related to a migration from debian to centos. I have the inverse issue for a migration from centos to debian.