Garbage left behind after deleting a Virtual Server

I deleted a Virtual Server because the owner did not want to continue hosting. By default Virtualmin is not clearing important files like

  • Apache vhost configurations /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
  • Apache vhost log in /var/log/virtualmin
  • Log rotate for logs created one line above

This created me a lot of trouble yesterday and it took me 2 hours to figure out why it is not working. After unlinking the vhost configurations I deleted in Virtualmin interface all went just fine.



Howdy -- unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to reproduce that problem.

When deleting a domain from my test system here, the Apache vhost configuration in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled was deleted, the log files were removed, and the logrotate config was removed.

Did you receive any errors during the process that Virtualmin was deleting the domain? I'm curious if something went wrong, and Virtualmin stopped the process due to an error.