usermin 1.670 still not in centos gpl repos

it showed up in ubuntu repos a while back, but still hasn't made it into the centos gpl repos.



usermin update still not showing up in centos repositories. and webmin now has a new release that isn't showing up either (although that hasn't shown up in the ubuntu repo yet either).

is this just an issue of resources? or is there some problem with the usermin update?

is this ever going to be addressed? do i need to just add the webmin repo to my system to get the newer updates of usermin and webmin?

Joe will resolve that whenever he pushes out the next Virtualmin version.

There aren't any "must-have" features in that Usermin version... if there's something you need in it, you can always grab it from one of the other repositories in the meantime though.

there is also an updated webmin.