Change script wording


When I do script installer updates, I see the following:

Now upgrading phpMyAdmin to version 4.4.14 in 1 locations ..
Installing in domain ..
Configuring webserver PHP settings ..
.. already done.
phpMyAdmin installation complete. It can be accessed at
.. done

FEATURE REQUEST: Could you change "already done" to "configured" (or completed) since the word "already" causes me to think that it was already done before this, and confuses me.




Howdy -- the wording is actually meant to mean that.

That is, some PHP scripts require specific PHP settings.

If those settings already exist, it will say "already done".

If they don't yet exist, it will apply the settings and simply say "done".

So the wording above is meant to mean that Virtualmin did not apply those PHP settings, as they were already setup as needed.