Improper import from older Virtualmin

v2.99 of Virtualmin is not properly importing old domains saved under a FreeBSD system with the latest GPL Virtualmin. One issue seems to be that the FreeBSD system used /usr/home as the base for the servers; Virtualmin is not smart enough to remap from the old home to the new home (/home). Simply creating a symbolic link in /usr/home -> /home did not work either. It only worked when I manually created domains in the new Virtualmin and tediously copied files individually.

I should emphasize that the data seemed to be restored (blindly, to /usr/home), but: (1) older Apache User/Group directives caused Apache to fail (it needed the SuExec... instead, had to manually change), (2) even after fixing that, the domains wouldn't show.

I have an additional and related problem. In an attempt to recover old log files from the saved backup (from the FreeBSD virtualmin backup file) for one domain, it ended up creating *two* entries with identical domain names. After deleting one, the other now says "Server no longer exists". But I can't rid of the damned thing. It does not have a file entry in the /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains list of files, but it's still showing up in the Virtual Servers list.

This really needs to be fixed but in the meantime, where is this inconsistent data being stored, that generates the list of Virtual Servers, so that I can manually fix this screwup by deleting the bad entry?

Closed (fixed)