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hi -

can we add iDrive to the list of cloud backup services, besides rackspace, google-cloud, dropbox, etc?

the iDrive CLI looks pretty straightforward:

and iDrive definitely offers the best value from what i can see. i started the request here:



That's a good suggestion - do you know if iDrive publishes an API, so that Virtualmin can use it directly without relying on a separate command?

sorry i dont fully understand the question, but that wont stop me from rambling on about it (sorta like the presidential candidates)

from my extensive research of glancing at the instructions for 20 seconds, it appears that we install a linux iDrive executable file (cURL) and all iDrive interfacing is done via that one command.

i have not tried it yet.

very good! is it too soon to ask about a possible ETA ?

It's likely to be several weeks at least.

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Submitted by unborn on Sat, 04/08/2017 - 13:34 Pro Licensee

hi all and @edwardsmarkf

I dont know much about Ithing - but I would suggest you to contact I-things support. This thing should never support something crappy like i-things and to be honest - as gpl user - you should go and seek those creepy I-things on your own.

I - whatever - please be advice to search its own docs..

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Submitted by unborn on Sat, 04/08/2017 - 13:35 Pro Licensee

it looks to me as an spam bot.. just remove it..

We enjoy getting feature requests and hearing what folks want to see in Virtualmin and Cloudmin.

There's nothing wrong with him and others asking about iDrive.

Also, edwardsmarkf is indeed a Pro user, and has been a community member for over 5 years -- we definitely welcome his input!

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Submitted by Joe on Sat, 04/08/2017 - 20:59 Pro Licensee

unborn, it's perfectly fine for folks to ask for features! ;-)

We don't always say yes, but there's no need to jump on folks for making suggestions. (And edwarsmarkf is a longtime Pro user; his license pre-dates the new system that indicates a Pro user with a star, but I've fixed his Pro star, now.)

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Submitted by unborn on Sun, 04/09/2017 - 08:06 Pro Licensee

@joe and @andreychek

sure guys I love to see this as well, its just im scared of iThings as they are pretty bad. I am sorry I've did not seen user purpose of this at the first place - im just old linux guy. @joe - thank you for reminding me how to spot the gpl and pro. I would be very much more better communications of that. In end of the day - it was my bad...

@edwardsmarkf - my deep personal apologies!

Does idrive have a documented API? If so, it may be possible to add support for it as a backup destination.

A command-line tool is nice, but I'd prefer to call their API from my own code to reduce dependencies.

OneDrive should also be interesting as Dropbox and Google Drive are already there.

Also possible, if OneDrive has a documented API.