Having problems with PHP and Apache, files downloaded as x-httpd-conf

After installing php5.6 on virtualmin gpl and trying to install phpmyadmin without success, my php pages try to download as x-httpd-application instead of showing



Howdy -- unfortunately, third party PHP repositories aren't something we support.

The PHP packages from them can cause a number of problems. There are some details about the issue you're describing here:


We'd recommend not using third party repositories; instead, to use the PHP version included with CentOS.

There are instructions here on supported ways to get a newer PHP version:


If you have any additional questions, since you're using Virtualmin GPL, you'd want to use the Forums for obtaining support.

We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!

I removed the extra repositories, downgraded php and tried lots of configurations, but the problem still persists :c

The suggestion mentioned in the documentation that I linked to above is usually all it takes to get the issue fixed, though it's possible those particular packages changed some additional things.

You can also try going into System Settings -> Re-Check Config, to see if it detects any additional issues.

We can go over some additional ideas in the Forums if you like.

From your one Forum post, it sounds like you have a project deadline coming up -- if you're in a bind, and want to hire us to log in and get it working for you, we could always help out by performing the task for you as part of our Professional Services.

You can see the details of our Professional Services here:


If you don't wish to go that route, that's no problem, and we'd be happy to offer some assistance along with the community in the Forums.


I had to find another way to keep everything online and formatted the OS and reinstalled Virtualmin, it's working, just need to finish making configurations again =P