500 Internal Server Error


Its been a while and I 'm a bit rusty so need your help. I'm trying to execute an install.php from the browser and getting the 500 error.

Virtualmin >Logs and Reports > Check Connectivity returns: Could not find any name servers & 500 Internal Server Error

The virtual server is a subdomain with name servers at godaddy. I have an A record for the sub domain, 'mcp' which points to the IP address of the server.

I know I'm probably doing something really sill but please help.

Regards, Darren



Howdy - take a look at the Apache error log for that domain. Whenever you see a 500 error, the full error message should appear in that log file.

The Apache error log showed: 'Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here'. So I changed the .htaccess line from 'Options +FollowSymlinks' to 'Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch'

Perfect - thank you, I just needed a little nudge!