SSL site shows up on all domains

We have an SSL site with its own cert and IP address on a server with all the other domains sharing one IP. When we put https:// in front of any of the other domains, the SSL site comes up. Is there a way to fix this?



Howdy -- what you're describing would indeed happen if the SSL site existed on the same IP address as all those other domains.

Are you saying they're on different IP's though?

Right. The SSL site is on a separate IP address ( and all the other domains share an IP. As it turns out though, the sites main site, not the store, has a self-signed cert and this is what is coming up for any domanin on the server when https is in front. Is there a way to stop this.

On a related issue, when they type in, another site comes up (the first site on the server). Can this be fixed through their zone files?

Thanks, Jeff