Cannot load webmin module list after upgrade to Virtualmin pro


After upgrading to virtualmin pro. I come to webmin module list and this error shows: Failed to download modules list : HTTP/1.0 503 Service Unavailable

Thanks, Giang Anh



That 503 error may have been a temporary problem.

Does that happen to work now?

If not -- can you walk us through the steps to reproduce that problem that you're experiencing?

Aha, excellent, thanks for the steps. When doing that, I actually get the same error that you're seeing.

It looks like Jamie may need to dig into what's going on there.

Jamie, when going into Webmin -> Webmin Modules, and clicking the "..." button next to "Standard Modules" to get the Webmin Standard Modules list, we're getting a "503 Service Unavailable" error.

This is because the standard modules list is hosted on , which is offline currently due to some sourceforge site problem.