API commands to manage user files


We all know that the file manager in the usermin is little useless and slow. I think commands for managing user files will be useful. What I mean: https://domain.com:10000/virtual-server/remote.cgi?program=list_files&us... (list with tributes - permissions, owner, size, dir/file, date modified like "ls -lah")

https://domain.com:10000/virtual-server/remote.cgi?program=move_rename&u... (like ssh mv)



https://domain.com:10000/virtual-server/remote.cgi?program=chmod&user=us...(recurcive)&all=files/dirs&file=public_html/file.php here if it is recursive to have option to select all file or dirs and a starting dir.



for the last two I do not know if they are possible or not.

These commands should be enough for everyone to make their own file manager.



I suppose this could be done, but for arbitrary file management you'd be better off using FTP or SCP instead of calling a Virtualmin API.

Hi Jamie,

Thank you for your answer.

We are thinking for file manager for quite long time and FTP and SCP are not solution because with them we can't have an option to extract archive or create archives. Clients already can use FTP but deleting, copying many files is very slow because of the FTP nature and they are unable to extract, create archives. Also giving them SSH is not an option because it is hard for most of them to use it, and the security is very hard to achieve.

Good file manager is, maybe the one and only option that is missing in virtualmin which is working for a long time in Cpanel for example.

Probably it will be better if virtualmin have it's own file manager which can work with archives and can be limited to a users Home directory. Then API commands for files management will not be needed.

Actually, the current file manager is on the way to being retired - we will be replacing it with an all-HTML/JS version soon, as the current dependency on Java is a big problem due to lack of browser support.

Hi Jamie,

That is a good news. I suggest when it is ready to have the ability to be accessed outside the virtualmin/usermin and to have a interface which can be easy modified.