https for certificate on single virtual server rewrites ALL non SSL sites

I just setup HTTPS on a single virtual server for one site among several on Virtual Min. Now all other sites are rewriting and redirecting back to the SSL site, even though all others do NOT have SSL setup. How do I stop the rewriting for all the other sites?

Separate, but often related issue in answers concerns robots.ssl.txt file. I have followed the following steps: to address this, but do not yet know if this is sufficient to prevent search engines from listing false positives...




That's actually expected due to the way Apache behaves - assuming all your sites share the same IP, an HTTPS connection to a different domain will match the IP of the site with SSL enabled, and thus will show it's content.

Yes, I understand that may be the default behaviour - but surely there is a way for VirtualMin (or manually) to manage the non SSL sites NOT rewriting/redirecting since they are obviously NOT the same domain? Perhaps some edits to each non SSL site's .htaccess to block or counter the HTTPS rewrites for the non ssl domains??

There isn't a way to do that now -- however, one way around that would be to put the SSL website on it's own IP address. If it's on a dedicated IP address, the issue you're describing wouldn't occur.

Also, do you have any links to setting up the Virtual Min side of a scenario where AmazonEC2 would have a virtual private cloud with multiple IPs incoming, mapped through a Network Interface to the instance IP where VirtualMin is installed to manage this properly? Maybe nothing is needed as long as the incoming VPC end works?

I am researching this now, but any links to existing docs on it would be a tremendous help. Cheers.

For EC2, the only special case you need to be aware of is that the IP address on the instance itself won't be the same as the external IP - and if you have multiple external IPs, the system will need to have the same number of local private network IPs. For Virtualmin to work properly in this case you need to set the "External IP address" on the "Change IP address" page for the domain.