User email quota not showing up

I have built 2 virtualmin server with no problem , all my users email quota are enabled and i can set each of them individually. Now , a 3 server brand new fresh install when i click on the "Edit Users" the "Disk Quota" in the Header is not even showing up. Looks like they are all set to unlimited disk quota. How to activate the disk quota for all my users individually please ? see my attachement

Any help would be much appreciate , thanks !




i want to add something , my 2 old servers are Dedicated servers and the new server where the quota is not working is on a VPS cloud

Howdy -- The Virtualmin install script does enable quotas (or, attempt to enable them) when it runs.

However, there can be problems with some VPSs that prevent quotas from working. Why exactly that is, depends on the type of VPS.

You could try running a command such as this to see if it gives you an error message:

quotacheck -cug /

There's also additional details on enabling quotas on CentOS here that could help with the troubleshooting: