Xen virtualization


I wanted to try xen cloudmin today, I managed to install and configure and install everything, but when I create a vm (centos 7 here), first I have to set manually the IP address ( otherwise it says it can't create in the range (from to, 1st is used by br0 that I created), but more importantly it can't run because it says:

"Starting up new Xen instance .. .. failed to start : ERROR: A different toolstack (xl) have been selected!"

I couldn't find a way to fix this.

Thank you! :)



Which Xen version are you running there, and where did you install it from?

I just installed from the script cloudmin GPL (mm, maybe I can't post here then, I bought virtualmin but not cloudmin), it all installed automatically. I thing it's xen-hypervisor-4.4 (something like that).

If you SSH into your system as root and run xm info and xm list , what does it output?

ERROR: A different toolstack (xl) have been selected!

xl info gives me information.

my /etc/default/xen has TOOLSTACK=xl

Try changing that to TOOLSTACK=xm

Not working:

Registering Xen configuration file .. .. failed : WARNING: xend/xm is deprecated. Unexpected error: Please report to xen-devel@lists.xen.org Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/xm", line 21, in main.main(sys.argv) File "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/../lib/python/xen/xm/main.py", line 3946, in main _, rc = _run_cmd(cmd, cmd_name, args) File "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/../lib/python/xen/xm/main.py", line 3970, in _run_cmd return True, cmd(args) File "", line 1, in File "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/../lib/python/xen/xm/main.py", line 1516, in xm_importcommand cmd = import(command, globals(), locals(), 'xen.xm') File "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/../lib/python/xen/xm/new.py", line 26, in from xen.xm.xenapi_create import * File "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/../lib/python/xen/xm/xenapi_create.py", line 24, in from lxml import etree ImportError: No module named lxml

I typed this : xen-create-image --hostname=test2 --memory=1024mb --vcpus=2 --ip= --pygrub --dist=trusty --dir=/xen

It worked. Of course I'm missing a lot of options so I can't connect and can't see in cloudmin (bridge and a lot of other stuff) but I didn't get any error while creating the image.

You may need to install an older version of the Xen packages in which the xm command works, like 4.3.

mm ok... Is this because the scripts in cloudmin can't work with xl? I like to have a not to old version, I might try kvm then :) Anyway, thx!

Yes, we haven't migrated to the xl commands yet.

KVM is actually a better option, as it is supported out of the box on CentOS with no additional packages or kernel needed.