Cloudmin Services Plugin

I've lost track of the current status of the Cloudmin Services Plugin. I'd tested it out in the past and was issued a license for it, but have moved the Cloudmin server and appear to have lost the plugin. I don't see a license for it on my license page. I'd like to make another stab at testing it out in some new servers I'm provisioning.

I'd like to know what the status of the plugin is an did if there are any plans to ever have it not be in beta testing, and how I can now get a license again and be able to install it.



Howdy -- I've issued you a new license for Cloudmin Services. The details for that are as follows:

Commands to install Cloudmin Services on CentOS, Fedora or RHEL :
wget -O\?serial=5559755\&key=IBVVISKDGK
Commands to install Cloudmin Services on Debian or Ubuntu :
wget -O\?serial=5559755\&key=IBVVISKDGK

Let us know if you have any questions!