CEntos 7 x86_64 with php4 and php5

Hello guys: we need know if is possible install php4 on centos 7, Is necessary has a virtualmin pro version? I read about that in some forum, and the advise is it. if posible download a demo or trial version of the virtualmin-pro version? thanks for read me :)



Howdy -- while running PHP5 and PHP4 at the same time was once a possibility, PHP4 isn't something that's supported any longer. The PHP developers have stopped it's development some years ago, and there are no longer supported PHP4 packages.

I suppose it's possible that if you were to make your own PHP4 packages, it might work, but this isn't something we've tested in quite some time.

Is it a possibility to update your application to work with a newer PHP version?

That said, if you can get PHP 4 installed, Virtualmin will detect it and allow you to select it on a per-domain basis..