Subversion - reseller - Service category


I've enabled subversion on Ubuntu 14.04, but cannot see the Subversion menu item under services category when logged in as a reseller. If I do a Switch To Server's Admin the subversion shows up under the service category.

How come?

Thanks Sebastian



This works fine in my tests - which Virtualmin version are you running there?

I'm at Virtualmin 4.17. The menu shows up when logged in as root, but not as a reseller. I haven't been able to find any setting for this.

Thanks Sebastian

Are you sure the reseller is selecting a domain from the left menu that has the subversion feature enabled?

Yes, I'm sure. If I login as root it's all there, and if I do a "Switch To Server's Admin" it's also there. It seems like a missing delegated feature under my reseller account, but I haven't been able to find it.

Thanks Sebastian

Can you check which version of the SVN plugin you're running? The command dpkg --list webmin-virtualmin-svn will tell you.