Wildcard certificates

I purchased a wildcard certificate for *.ez-ms.com.

It seems to work fine on www.ez-ms.com (other than it changes to http://ez-ms.com//?cs_sessid=r2c0s32cnrvanansrmuia1c1s4 which is probably a .htaccess issue that I haven't looked into yet).

But the main problem is that I have a separate top-level domain called tools.ez-ms.com. I went into VM and did the new certificate and used the ssl.cert and ssl.key from /home/ezms.

I expected that it would get picked up as a subdomain of ez-ms.com since the domain name is tools.ez-ms.com

But when I access something like https://tools.ez-ms.com/roundcube I get an invalid certificate error stating that it is self-signed (it used the original self-signed cert that I used on the very first site I configured).

Why didn't it replace the self-signed cert with the one I cut/pasted into the new certificate area of VM SSL?

How do I do this wildcard thing in VM?

Closed (fixed)