Cloudmin New Remote Host showing "Webmin Down"

Hello Jamie ,

I having strange issue with cloudmin when added remote location Host in the present cloudmin ,iam getting "webmin down" message on cloudmin.

I have two different location and two different cloudmin installed in these two locations .

I would like to implement domain replication to other cloudmin location in same . All the ports are opened and i changed default port as per our need and checked from this source cloudmin to remote host and i can login on newly configured port but when host is added through cloudmin under Add System and it will show only ssh but no webmin ,but webmin is already installed on remote host . Also tried from cloudmin to remote host webmin installation but still same issue

Detailed status error Port 9999 is firewalled. Ports 9999 to 10008 used by Webmin's RPC protocol

Could please assist on this issue .

Regards kulpreet



Are you sure all ports in the range 9999 to 10008 are open on the remote system, and any intermediate firewalls?

Hi Jamie ,

Yeah all the ports are open between 9998 to 10008 on remote system both incoming and outgoing . There is Juniper Firewall between these two location and port is opened over there as i checked with Elinks on cloudmin like this way elinks http://x.x.x.x:9998 its opening on console . Also did Telnet from cloudmin to remote system on 9998 its working as well .

Regards kulprete singh

Which port is Webmin listening on though?

You should making a test telnet connection to ports 9999, 10000, 10001 and 10002. If it times out, that indicates that the port is blocked.