AWstats - Issues

Related to AWstats I have some comments to rise for you:

1) In Virtualmin -> Logs and Reports go to AWstats Configuration. Just select geoipfree to enable it. When you reload your AWstats interface it won't work because you get an error related to missing Many virtualmin users stopped using this plugin. In Debian if you want to use it just install this package: libgeo-ipfree-perl. My suggestion is to include in Virtualmin this package when someone is using AWstats, this will prevent any frustration.

2) As you know you can see AWstats in Virtualmin interface or by accessing the following URL in your browser: yourwebsite/awstats/ After you fill in the login information you will get inside. Well, when you just using your localhost for testing, you can access this using IP address. When doing this you will get an error there is no IPADDRESS.conf file in your awstats configuration. You can create one from the one AWstats created for your domain. Just a symbolic link will be fine:

awstats.yourwebiste.conf awstats.IPADDRESS.conf

This will avoid the issue with AWstats when you are using only server IP_ADDRESS.

3) There is a file in AWstats folder configuration named awstats.conf. This could create trouble being there. I suggest renaming it to awstats.conf.original. Only virtual servers should have .conf files.

4) I would like to allow viewing logs only from Virtualmin interface. How can I prevent accessing AWstats URL in browsers? Just to delete it from Apache configuration is it enough? Is it a better why to skip installing AWstats url into Apache?

Thank you.



We're reviewing the issues you mentioned in your request.


1) Actually now libgeo-ip-perl package is needed for this. Please note without having this package installed you will get errors in AWstats when enabling geoip from MaxMind and saving your changes.

As I said before, this package must be take in consideration for installing with Virtualmin.

2) if there is not reverse IP creating that symlink is a must.

For the IP address access case, this will only be possible for domains that have their own private IP. But in that case, we should be able to support it..