Cloudmin backups for real systems

Cloudmin > Backup and Restore > System Backups > Add a new system backup.

None of the physical systems appear in the list of systems to backup and they don't backup when I try selecting All managed systems. Would be awesome if they did instead of going into each Virtualmin system to do it.



Cloudmin backups and restores of VMs are done by copying the disk image on the host system. For physical systems, this isn't possible.

That's understandable, I wouldn't want a full disk image backup either. Maybe it would have to be a separate interface then.

It would still be great to create the backup once for all the physical systems managed by Cloudmin rather than going into each one and doing it in Virtualmin and Webmin like I'm doing because it's very time consuming on a lot of systems.

I'm ok with it either way because I can use Salt to automate creation of backups in the future, but for your other customers who might want to use Cloudmin for physical systems like I am, who don't want to take the time to figure out and use something like Salt, I still think this is a really important feature because:

  • it's confusing like it is
  • would save a lot of time
  • would save on human error (I went over the ones I created a few times to verify them and still found checkboxes I didn't click etc. and this was after I slept =)

So yes, we could implement a feature that uses the Filesystem Backup module's functionality of backing up using tar across multiple systems. However, it's not exactly what Cloudmin is targeted towards, and there are other tools like Bacula that already do this better.

That's ok. Thanks for thinking about it. I don't mind personally as I can automate creation of them in Virtualmin in the future using Salt and hopefully if the times ever have to change I can also find a way to manage that automatically. However I still believe it would be a very useful feature for others and I doubt this will be the last time you hear about it =)