Bind zone is not applied when making changes

I believe this started with Virtualmin 4.16, but could have been earlier. When someone updates his DNS configuration (changing, adding or deleting a record) the actual zone file gets updated, but the bind server does not reload it so the changes don't actually go live. If I make changes as root using the Webmin module and then click on "Apply Zone", it works as expected. The clients don't have the "apply zone" link, I believe it has never been there, but zones were applied automatically upon change. This doesn't work anymore. Please fix! :)



When the clients make changes, are they doing it on the Server Configuration -> DNS Records page?

Yes, I tried it myself too.

So when you change a record on the "DNS Records" page, it should do the same thing as clicking the Apply button.

Does BIND log anything to /var/log/messages when you change a record that might indicate why it can't load the records?

Don't see any bind/named related in /var/log/messages* and actually I cannot reproduce the problem today, it works fine. Weird...

Maybe the original problem was actually that an intermediate DNS server was caching the old query responses?