SMTP Transport mapping and SPAM


I'm now having a dedicated ip for my virtual server smtp using the function "sender dependant transport mapping" with succes, however, my emails are rejected for spam because (i suspect) that the hostname has already been reported in many spam messages because of an hacked virtual server on the same machine ip. (the reason why i configured this transport mapping function).

Is there a way to dont display the main server hostname anymore in message headers but to have it replaced by the domain of the virtual server itself?

Thanks in advance!



Howdy -- there isn't a way to keep your server's hostname out of the email headers.

However, while I'm not certain, I have a suspicion that the issue may be elsewhere.

Does your new IP address have reverse DNS setup for it?

If not, that could cause a problem where mail servers reject it.

Also, you may want to check a site such as this one to see if any of your IP's are on a blacklist:


I configured the ptr record and it seems to work now.